Design, Commercial & Bespoke Products

As well as offering our quirky range of products, we are more than happy to undertake a variety of commercial projects. We can offer a complimentary design service (partial pre-payment necessary) and can work with anything on our store and many other brands and products of your choosing. Further to this, we have great contacts in the design, build and construction industry which we will be more than happy to put you in touch with should you require any building works. 

For non-commercial customers, which are our core business, we would be more than happy to offer any kind of design help and advise you may require - from swatches, samples and more - we can help you put together any room to create a fantastic result. Most of the time we offer this free of charge as a way to help our customers make the very best of our products. 

Further to this, we can offer customised and bespoke products. We are lucky to work with a variety of companies which allow us to customise products - be it colour, size or finish, as well as a host of other options - even down to the colour of a cable on a table lamp! We know that if we are going to spend a fair deal of money of an item, we want more than a click down menu to select your colour. That is why we always invite customs to give us a call or get in touch to discuss your requirements so we can ensure you are delighted with your product. Bespoke products should be fun and reflect exactly what you want, so we would want to alleviate any doubt you may have in this respect. Just drop us a line and we'd be delighted to chat through any options!